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Repairs of MWM gas gensets

Motorwerk-SGU, LLC keeps sufficient stock of spare parts for emergency repairs on all types of engines. In stock: sensors, ignition systems, actuators, seal kits, kits for replacement of cylinder-piston group and other MWM spare parts.

When MWM gas genset reaches a certain level of running time, a standard maintenance can no longer provide reliable operation of the plant. Consequently, the wear of the most loaded components and structural elements reaches a critical state. The only possibility for further normal operation of the gas genset is to conduct repairs with the replacement of separate components and assembly units.

Repair is an expensive, time consuming and complicated part of the service. Repairing MWM gas gensets requires a Service Partner to have highly skilled personnel that have undergone a certain training. In addition, a Service Partner must have genuine tools, software and spare parts available. High-quality and timely repairs extend the life cycle of MWM gas gensets by at least a factor of two.

Warranty cases
Motorwerk-SGU, LLC an official MWM Service Partner will promptly repair gas gensets, eliminate malfunctions and equipment failures, if the case is under warranty.
According to Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH regulated standards there are 3 levels of scheduled maintenance:

Comes for different MWM gas genset series between 16 000 and 20 000 operating hours (2 - 2.5 years of continuous operation).

During the E-50 periodic maintenance, diagnostic tests and adjustments, servicing of the battery and gas-air mixer are carried out. In some cases, small parts are replaced and the turbocharger is repaired. According to the regulated standards of MWM gas gensets manufacturer, before general overhaul occurs two periodic maintenances E-50 should be carried out.

Emergency repairs of MWM gas gensets
Despite of high reliability of MWM gas gensets, there are emergency cases in Russia. According to statistics, 95% of emergencies are caused by violations of the rules and recommendations of the manufacturer, starting with incorrect commissioning of equipment. The causes of emergencies fall into 3 groups:
Other causes are extremely rare (not more than 5% of cases).

Motorwerk-SGU, LLC responds to emergency cases immediately by solving the problems. Depending on the complexity of the case and the location of the gas genset, the minimum response and repair time is from 1 working day, including diagnostics and supply of spare parts. The works are carried out at the operational location of the equipment, in case of serious damage – in the service area of Motorwerk-SGU, LLC.

MWM gas genset emergency repair includes:

Repair of Marelli generators

Motorwerk-SGU, LLC provides maintenance and repair services of Marelli Motori generators in Russia.

We carry out a whole range of works starting from equipment diagnostics, identification of failures and followed by a general overhaul and commissioning tests. Servicing of Marelli generators is performed exclusively by highly qualified and certified specialists using the necessary tools and high-tech computer equipment.