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Timely repair is the most important factor that ensures a stable operation of any device. If the equipment behaves itself abnormally, please, contact our service team immediately. A prompt response to faults helps to avoid more serious and expensive failures.

A complete range of repair works on MWM cylinder heads, gas engines of TCG 2016, TCG 2020 models and Marelli generators are performed at the service station of Motorwerk-SGU, LLC in Smolensk.

By contacting us you will receive high-quality service, reliable and safe equipment operation and consultations
from high-end professionals with many-years working experience.
Repair of MWM cylinder heads

Repair of cylinder heads on gas engines is one of the most important operations during engine overhaul and in case of failure when upper limits of valve protrusion are reached. Considering the fact that the head body is almost wear-free component, cylinder head repair allows you to save a substantial amount of money during engine repair. Due to practical experience and skills of our specialists it is possible to recondition heads to a state of new ones.

The service station in Smolensk provides services on professional repair of cylinder heads on MWM gensets: TCG 2016, TCG 2020, TCG 2032.

Cylinder heads repair on MWM engines includes:
  • Dismounting and installation of cylinder heads using MWM hydraulic tool;
  • Disassembly and assembly of all cylinder heads components;
  • Cleaning, checking of head body for cracks, corrosion, cavities;
  • Evaluation of head components for wear degree, measurements;
  • Replacement of inlet and exhaust valves, valve seats, guides, spark plugs’ cooling sleeves, oil scraper rings and etc. with new genuine spare parts;
  • Final machining of the valve seat edge;
  • Painting and preservation.
Repair of MWM gas engines of TCG 2016, TCG 2020 model range

Gas gensets are high-performance units that work without interruptions under intense loads. Efficient and fault-free operation of gas gensets depends on proper scheduled maintenance and regular equipment monitoring. Neglecting the latter is fraught with breakdowns, considerable expenses and accidents.

Service maintenance of MWM gas engines includes:
  • disassembly;
  • pre-commissioning works;
  • diagnostics (damage identification);
  • scheduled and reconditing repairs;
  • remote monitoring;
  • upgrading;
  • assembly;
  • consulting customer’s operating staff.
Repair of Marelli generators

The service station in Smolensk renders services on technical maintenance and repair of Marelli Motori generators. Service includes a full range of works starting from equipment diagnostics, fault finding to overhaul and pre-commission tests.

Marelli generators repair procedure:
  • Generator connection/disconnection;
  • Installation/removal of generator to/ from the shipping frame;
  • Mounting/dismounting of half coupling;
  • Mounting/dismounting/diagnostics of generator covers;
  • Mounting/dismounting/ diagnostics of bearing caps;
  • Mounting/dismounting of exciter (stator and rotor);
  • Mounting/dismounting/diagnostics of generator rotor;
  • Check for winding insulation resistance;
  • Check for winding resistance;
  • Inspection of diodes and varistor rectifier;
  • Inspection and replacement of current and voltage transformers;
  • Recondition of rotor and covers’ seating surfaces;
  • Rewinding of generator and exciter’s windings;
  • Generator drying.
Service Registration
You can sign up for the service through our website by filling out the form below indicating the type of repair required, or by ordering a call back - the manager will answer all your questions.
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