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Maintenance service

Long-term and high-quality operation of MWM engines depends on strict adherence to maintenance regulations and the use of exclusively genuine components and consumables.

Reliability and uninterrupted operation are the main requirements for equipment in conditions of intensive usage and higher cost of downtime. Lack of scheduled maintenance, control or poor quality of MWM gas genset spare parts leads to a drop in economic efficiency and equipment failures. This results in unnecessary costs for remedying the consequences of accidents, up to general overhaul.

High-quality service is the key to the commercial efficiency of MWM gas gensets.

MWM service includes the regulations and recommendations of the manufacturer, which were developed during the engineering of the gas gensets. Following the recommendations extends the life cycle of MWM gas gensets, which has been proven by years of experience.

The recommendations are based on operating hours. The intervals between maintenances are divided into groups depending on the operating time of the gas genset: 1. Е-10 – Е-40 – inspections, diagnostics; 2. Е-50 – Е-60 – intermediate overhauls; 3. E-70 – general overhaul.

Due to technological complexity and non-standard peculiarities of the product application, service activities begin already during the construction stage of gas gensets. The initial maintenance services include pre-commissioning and commissioning, ignoring which leads to the failure of the gas gensets as early as at the first start-ups.

Strict observance of service intervals guarantees the life cycle declared by the manufacturer, and in some cases prolongs it. Compliance with the recommendations is the main condition for the quality servicing of MWM gas gensets.

Mandatory requirements for high-quality service from the manufacturer of gas gensets Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH
  • Engaging an authorized MWM Partner for the provision of maintenance services

    At the early stages, the owner can maintain the gas gensets with the help of his own MWM factory-trained personnel. As the engine running hours increase, the scope and complexity of the maintenance service require involvement of the skilled personnel. The training and paying salaries to the latter one is not economically justified within a single company-owner of the gas genset.

  • The involved specialists must be authorized to carry out the corresponding level of service

    For maintenance levels above E-40, a technician is required to go through specific training courses at MWM factory and a certificate is issued to the trained technician.

  • The involved specialists must be authorized to carry out service works on the corresponding type of engine

    For each engine type (2016, 2020 and 2032), MWM has a certain training course due to the technical differences of the engines. Upon completion of the course, the technician receives a training certificate.

  • An authorized MWM Partner must have original service tools

    MWM produces special kits of service tools tailored to each engine type. The cost of the service tools is so high that it makes it unreasonable for the owner companies to purchase the tools for their own needs. Maintenance and repair of MWM gas gensets using other tools is impossible, because it does not allow to perform the work in accordance with the technology and leads to equipment failure.

  • Online access to the equipment catalog and other technical support databases of the Manufacturer

    MWM is always developing and improving its products. Even within the same engine type, the used spare parts and the scopes of maintenance works may vary. To reduce the risk of improper maintenance, Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH keeps a database in which all technological characteristics are recorded by a unique number of each MWM engine. Without access to this data, there is a risk of incorrect selection of spare parts and incorrect manipulations when performing maintenance services.

  • Genuine spare parts

    Unlike widespread engines for machinery and transport, there are not so many MWM gensets around. Given the technological complexity of the equipment, there are no manufacturers on the world market capable of offering high-quality copies of genuine MWM spare parts. Any difference in the name, part number, product labeling and the price that does not correspond to the official price list, indicates a low-quality product or its counterfeit origin. The use of such spare parts for the purpose of immediate savings leads to equipment failure and cancellation of warranty.

  • Spare parts, the list of consumables for MWM gas gensets

    The companies that own and operate MWM gas gensets are not able to keep the required spare parts in stock to ensure prompt maintenance service and repair. Ordering spare parts when a malfunction occurs leads to an unjustifiable increase in equipment downtime (time needed for delivery and customs clearance). Only an official MWM Service Partner is able to keep the required spare parts in stock and make sure that these parts are delivered as soon as possible.