Successful operation of MWM gas engine in the coldest inhabited place on the face of the Earth

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Successful operation of MWM gas engine in the coldest inhabited place on the face of the Earth
24 Сентябрь 2021 · Новости

The "Sayuri" permafrost greenhouse complex produces fruits and vegetables for the inhabitants of Yakutsk in Russia all year round, despite extreme temperatures. Two Cat G3516 gensets and an MWM TCG 2020 V20 gas engine with an electrical output of 2000 kW ensure the power supply of the greenhouse.

Agricultural complex "Sayuri" is located in Yakutia in the northeast of Siberia and is the most technologically advanced agricultural enterprise created in harsh environmental conditions. The temperature differential in the region reaches 100°C: from 50°C below zero to 50°C above zero. The region’s location on ever-frozen ground does not allow the cultivation of vegetables and fruits. 

 The solution: a large greenhouse complex adapted to the ground conditions and external climatic conditions. The "Sayuri" greenhouse offers crops heat and light for their optimum growth and prevents rapid change of temperatures.

The "Sayuri" greenhouse complex supplies the inhabitants of Yakutsk with affordable and high-quality fruits and vegetables all year round, despite local permafrost conditions (Photo credit: © Sayuri)

The greenhouse complex was built for the year-round supply of the inhabitants of Yakutsk with affordable, high-quality fruits and vegetables. In 2021 the Sayuri greenhouse is expected to produce about 1250 tons of cucumbers and 230 tons of tomatoes. By the final stage of construction in 2022, the production output is going to be increased by another 40%.

Own power plant equipped with three power gensets supplies the Sayuri greenhouse with continuous power and heat: the MWM TCG 2020 V20 gas genset with an electrical output of 2 MW and two Cat G3516 gas engines with an electrical output of 1 MW each ensure reliable operation of agricultural complex in permafrost conditions. Independence from external suppliers of power makes it possible to respond quickly and flexibly to production changes or climatic changes.

MWM TCG 2020 V20 gas engine in the energy center of the Sayuri greenhouse complex (Photo credit: © Sayuri)

MWM TCG 2020 V20 gas engine in CHP plant operation is a guarantee of an outstanding reliability.

The MWM TCG 2020 V20 gas engine during its first winter operation took on the main load and supplied energy without any interruptions despite extreme temperatures of 60°C (76°F) below zero.

The genset completed its first 1500 operating hours in March 2021. Given the positive experience with the TCG 2020 V20, the Sayuri management plans to purchase another MWM engine in order to supply the last building section of the facility with sufficient power.

The Sayuri representatives are impressed by outstanding reliability of the MWM gas engine, which operated successfully throughout the entire winter season. Thanks to the TCG 2020 V20 gas engine, the profitability of the plant improved while electricity costs, purchased from the public grid amounted to ₽4.86/kW*h, the operation of the internal CHP plant with natural gas reduced the costs to ₽2.50/kW*h.

The MWM TCG 2020 gas engines are customized to match the requirements of different applications. The MWM gas engines in the output range from 1000 to 2000 kWel ensure reliability, efficiency, environmental compatibility, low total cost of ownership and high profitability.

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