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X-Change Program: comprehensive reconditioning of MWM gas engines and spare parts
31 Май 2022 · Новости

"Motorwerk-SGU", LLC offers the X-Change program – cost effective alternative solution to on-site maintenance of gas engines. 

We deliver reconditioned TCG 2016, TCG 2020, TCG 2032 gas engines in standard configuration, cylinder heads and MWM spare parts in the shortest possible time.

The MWM X-Change program allows you to get your engine up and running immediately, which makes it possible to avoid prolonged downtime of the equipment and production losses. 

We rebuild X-Change gas engines to like-new condition using genuine MWM parts. We also grant a 1-year warranty for these X-Change gas engines.

The benefits of the X-Change program are as follows:
1. high quality of the replacement components;
2. savvy distribution of financial expenses: affordable comprehensive solutions for non-stop operation of the power plant;
3. faster processing of orders: gas engines and spare parts are always available in our warehouse;
4. environmental safety: components are reused;
5. high accuracy of works: we use advanced measurement techniques.

So, what does the X-Change program include:
1. overhaul and reconditioning of the engine, base frame, coupling and generator;
2. genuine MWM X-Change short blocks and cylinder heads;
3. genuine MWM spare parts; components are rebuilt in our own workshop;
4. 12-month warranty with no limit on operating hours;
5. 24/7 emergency assistance during the warranty period (since engine start);
6. transportation, disassembly/installation, connection to the system and commissioning, including final testing of the engine;
7. modernization and maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer specifications.

Minimum downtime

MWM gas engines will be ready for operation within a very short time, thus ensuring non-stop operation of the engine and minimization of equipment downtime. 

"Motorwerk-SGU", LLC will replace your old gas engine with an identical X-Change gas engine, that has been reconditioned in accordance with the latest specifications of the manufacturer. We will deliver the X-Change engine fully assembled (with the generator on the base frame) to the site, connect it to the periphery and commission it.

Reconditioned, modernized and newly painted MWM X-Change engine is ready for operation.

Overhaul with manufacturer warranty

Only genuine MWM X-Change short blocks, cylinder heads, spare parts as well as components reconditioned to like new condition are used for the overhaul. The entire external equipment of the engine is replaced.

Quality control prior to delivery to the site

"Motorwerk-SGU", LLC, the official MWM Service Partner in Russia, offers highly efficient an reliable gas engines including: TCG 2016, TCG 2020, TCG 2032, as well as top-notch maintenance service of the above-mentioned engines.

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