Taking care of our customers: warranty for MWM spark plugs as part of the "goodwill solution"

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Taking care of our customers: warranty for MWM spark plugs as part of the "goodwill solution"
24 Март 2022 · Новости

To show caring attitude towards its customers and thank them for their loyalty to the brand, MWM manufacturer offers a warranty for spark plugs as part of the "goodwill solution".

The warranty for spark plugs as part of MWM "goodwill solution" only applies to spark plugs purchased from "Motorwerk-SGU", LLC.

So, what exactly does the warranty for spark plugs as part of MWM "goodwill solution" imply?

Being consumables, spark plugs are not covered by the warranty. The manufacturer is, however, as part of its "goodwill solution" able to consider the customer’s claim and provide full compensation for spark plugs reaching up to 2000 operating hours. When the operaring hours range between 2 000 and 3 000 hours, partial compensation is available from the manufacturer.

Submission of evidence supporting the defect of MWM spark plug:

Within 10 days from the spark plug failure during the warranty period, the customer must send to the warranty@mwm24.ru e-mail address the following information and documents so they could be subsequently forwarded to the manufacturing plant:

  • – information about the engine serial number and the number of the cylinder where the spark plug failed; 
    – a photo of the filled-up spark plug sticker label showing the date and motor hours both at the installation and at the removal of the spark plug; 
    – actual data from the TEM system, showing the fact of the spark plug failure (screenshot of the operation log on the date of failure and operation log in English for the entire period of operation) in digital form in *.log format;
    – a copy of the document confirming the purchase of the spark plug from "Motorwerk-SGU", LLC (Delivery note / Bill of lading, Universal transfer document);
    – a photo of "Motorwerk-SGU", LLC sticker label with focus on the number of the sticker label;
    – a copy of the production log page confirming the replacement of the spark plug;

    – exhaust gas analysis (upon request of Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH). 

To make a decision about the replacement of the spark plug under warranty, the manufacturer has the right to request a defective spark plug to be returned for investigation in order to establish the reasons for its failure.

In case the warranty is confirmed without sending the defective goods for investigation, the defective spark plug is then returned to "Motorwerk-SGU", LLC. The return is carried out at the expense of "Motorwerk-SGU", LLC by Russian Post.

The compensation process when a defective spark plug is confirmed:

In case the manufacturer has confirmed the warranty for a spark plug, the operating hours of which amounted to:

1. Between 0 and 2000 oh: "Motorwerk-SGU", LLC will provide a full compensation by giving a new spark plug to the customer.

2. Between 2000 and 3000 oh: "Motorwerk-SGU", LLC will provide a partial compensation by reimbursing the spark plug at a price formed after deduction of the compensation confirmed by the manufacturer or in case two spark plugs fail, compensation can be provided by giving one spark plug to the customer under warranty.

Offer validity:

Warranty as part of the "goodwill solution" for MWM spark plugs is valid until 31.12.2022.

Upon the expiry of the indicated period the manufacturer will decide whether to terminate or extend the offer and we will inform you about that in advance.

"Motorwerk-SGU," LLC offers the supply of MWM spark plugs, as well as a wide range of original spare parts and consumables for MWM gas gensets with a warranty for all products.

To find out more about warranty as part of the "goodwill solution" and get answers to related issues, please contact your service administrator.

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