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MWM Premium Oil improves efficiency of gas engines
05 Май 2022 · Новости

The main challenge for gas engines is to operate continuously with as long intervals between maintenances as possible. With the right engine oil, this challenge can be met successfully.

We offer our customers genuine MWM Premium Oils as well as their detailed analysis throughout the plant’s entire lifecycle.

The MWM Premium Oil has been tested by the manufacturer many times. Successful testing and application of the oil ensures its high quality.

With MWM engine oil the gas engines achieve the best results in:

  • performance;
  • wear resistance;
  • efficiency.

The benefits of MWM engine oil for gas engines include:

  • extended oil drain intervals;
  • reduced consumption of lube oil;
  • minimum wear of engine components;
  • removed formation of deposits on catalytic converters and heat exchangers of the exhaust system.

As a result – higher return on investment and long lasting economic success of the company.

MWM Premium GMO 240 oil is suitable for operations in both natural gas and biogas plants, including exhaust gas aftertreatment system. MWM Premium GMO 440 works universally for all applications.

"Motorwerk-SGU", LLC, the official MWM Service Partner in Russia, offers the repairs of TCG 2016, TCG 2020, TCG 2032 gas engines, MWM cylinder heads as well as Marelli generators. High quality result on the job is a priority to us, therefore we use only genuine spare parts and professional repair equipment.

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