MWM Premium Antifreeze -20 high performance coolant for MWM Gas Engines

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MWM Premium Antifreeze -20 high performance coolant for MWM Gas Engines
10 Ноябрь 2021 · Новости

As the power and efficiency of internal combustion engines increases, so does the thermal loading on its components and parts. The main challenge for the coolant here is to remove the excessive heat from engine parts and to continue effectively use this heat for the own needs of the enterprise. MWM Premium Antifreeze -20 is the coolant of choice when it comes to facing these challenges. The manufacturing and production of the above-mentioned coolant is built on many years of experience of the engineering department and was successfully tested in the field.

MWM Premium Antifreeze -20 coolant guarantees safe and effective operation of MWM gas engines:

  1. Suitable for all MWM gas gensets;
  2. Suitable for all engine configurations: exhaust heat exchanger in the engine and heating circuit;
  3. Contains silicate – reliable corrosion protection due to hybrid technology;
  4. The coolant is free of amines, nitrites and phosphates;
  5. Extended exhaust heat exchanger service life due to low total hardness;
  6. Ready-mixed coolant is much easier to use;
  7. Optimized glycol content protects the engine against freezing and corrosion with a maximum heat-transmission capacity.
MWM – many years of experience with gas engines

Just like lube oils, coolants undergo extensive filed testing before they are approved for use. The inhibitor technology for MWM Premium Antifreeze -20 has been selected together with a strategic partner based on years-long experience of RnD engineers and practical knowledge of the MWM service organization.


Optimum coolant composition: protection against corrosion and wear

Increased glycol content reduces the heat-transmission capacity of coolants. MWM Premium Antifreeze -20 contains 35% glycol, which reliably protects engines from freezing at -23 °C.

Inorganic and organic inhibitors are used in MWM Premium Antifreeze -20 for corrosion prevention. These inhibitors form a heat-permeable protective layer on the wetted components.

The correct inhibitor concentration in the coolant is fundamentally important in order to ensure reliable protection of the engine. Being ready-mixed, MWM Premium Antifreeze -20 always has the correct inhibitor and glycol concentration, which prevents inaccurate proportioning of the components. MWM Premium Antifreeze -20 is suitable for all plant configurations and can be easily filled during maintenance activities.

MWM Premium Antifreeze -20 is characterized by effective heat-transfer, ease of handling, reliable protection against freezing and corrosion. The use of MWM Premium Antifreeze -20 helps to increase operational availability and economic efficiency of the gas genset.

"Motorwerk-SGU", LLC is an official MWM Service Partner in Russia. It carries out a full range of repairing works of gas gensets of the following model series TCG 2016, TCG 2020, TCG 2032. Our company also performs repairing of MWM cylinder heads and Marelli Motori generators. We offer quality and reliability thanks to our qualified engineers, genuine spare parts and proven equipment.

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