MWM gas gensets can run on fuels with a 25% hydrogen content

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MWM gas gensets can run on fuels with a 25% hydrogen content
12 Январь 2022 · Новости

MWM is gradually rolling out gas gensets designed to run on natural gas blended with up to 25% hydrogen for continuous, base-load and peak-load management applications. The innovation applies to the TCG 2032, TCG 2032B, TCG 3016 and TCG 3020 series. Upgrade kits for these models will be available in 2022.

The use of hydrogen, a renewable natural resource, for fuelling purposes helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and makes it possible to use more eco-friendly energy sources.

MWM gas engines are already operating with up to 10% hydrogen content and are characterized by an improved efficiency when it comes to distributed energy generation.

MWM gensets dominate in the use of alternative gas types for power generation. They are designed to operate on different types of biogas, including landfill gas and sewage gas.

Experience with fuels containing up to 60% hydrogen

MWM has gained an extensive experience with the use of hydrogen in various countries and end markets. Some of these gensets have been in operation for 23 years.

The company is committed to improving the efficiency of engines fueled with hydrogen-containing gases without compromising on cost and service intervals, technical availability and operating conditions.

MWM aims to help customers meet their climate-related goals by providing products that facilitate switching to alternative fuels and reduce emissions.

By using renewable hydrogen as a sustainable energy source, MWM makes a valuable contribution to the provision of reliable and sustainable energy.

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