24/7 online monitoring of your CHP plant with MWM Remote Asset Monitoring system

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24/7 online monitoring of your CHP plant with MWM Remote Asset Monitoring system
26 Август 2021 · Новости

MWM Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM) is an online application that allows to continuously monitor the condition of MWM CHP plant from any location worldwide and provides site data for you to analyze the performance of the plant.

MWM RAM digital platform informs about alarm signals and warns of equipment failures via PUSH notifications. This allows you to identify damages at an early stage and quickly respond to CHP malfunctions before they lead to a potential shutdown of the engine.

Early error detection helps to save repair costs and put the power plant back in operation faster.

Digital control system reduces the risk of a potential power plant failure during operation. Malfunctions are identified in advance, which helps to fix them in time.

Advantages and functions of MWM Remote Asset Monitoring system:

1. Ease of use:

  • • digital control of CHP plant anywhere, anytime via Internet browsers;
  • • display of all parameters in the user interface: engine and generator data as well as information on peripheral equipment;
  • • retention of historical data over the past 13 months;
  • • automatic generation of reports on electricity output, operating hours and performance data of CHP Plant;
  • • customization of notifications about alarm signals, warnings, exceeding the maximum permissible parameters or stoppage of the power station.

2. Functionality:

  • • possibility of streaming up to 1000 parameters with a sampling rate of 1 Hz: 1 value per second;
  • • extensive data analysis functions: data discovery, customizable time series;
  • • accessible to an unlimited number of users;
  • • integration possibility of external data sources.

3. Profitability, efficiency, savings:

  • • more accurate estimation of equipment repair and maintenance costs;
  • • better coordination of operating and support processes;
  • • elimination of unplanned downtime.

4. Utilization flexibility: MWM RAM application is suitable for use in power stations operating on all gas types.

5. Safety and reliability: the technology for monitoring the condition of MWM power stations is protected by a multi-layer security control system that prevents unauthorized access to information.

MWM new digital condition power stations monitoring system (RAM) extends the range of services. Being committed to offer distributors, partners and customers the best services and products, MWM keeps working on improving its service and introducing new solutions.

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